Daily Package: a package with 5x45g separated boxes covered in one pack.  This package is ideal for students, athletes (sport clubs and gym), children, teenagers and people who want to have daily portion of nuts at their workplace. There is also a potential of using this kind of packages in hotels, offices (as daily meal for employees), cafes, and airlines (as part of a meal pack)

Nutigami Daily Package (Separate everyday a healthy portion of nuts)

Classic Package: another version of daily package (all-in-one pack), with  200g nuts . Ideal for students, teenagers, parents, families and people who eat nuts on different occasions.

Nutigami Classic Package (with health indicator)
Nutigami Classic Package (with health indicator)

Gift Package: A one kilogram net weight nuts which ideal for various events, celebration, traditional events. This package is suitable for companies which give gifts to their employees.

1k packages also available in 6 boxes in one package that could be ordered by customers. Each box is separate from other so it can be served and used individually.

Nutigami Gift Package